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vSphere Data Protection CLI

When dealing with VDP, a lot of the things you need to do are not possible from the GUI, I will try to list some of the more useful commands that you can use through SSH to the appliance.

  • Status of all services on the VDP appliance
dpnctl status all
  • General status of garbage collection, de-duplication, last checkpoint…etc
  • Changes in the size of the backup per VM, this is good to know for capacity planning
  • Get a list of running tasks
mccli activity show

This will give a list of activity with IDs as well as the status of each activity.

  • Get the log of a certain activity
mccli activity get-log --id=XXXXXXXXXX

You get the ID from the “show” command, this will give you a nice log of what is going on.

  • Cancel a running activity
mccli activity cancel --id=XXXXXXXXXX
  • Get a list of all registered clients (backup sources)
mccli client show --recursive=true
  • Kick a backup of a single client by hand
mccli client backup-dataset --name=VM_NAME --domain=/DOMAIN/DOMIN

The VM_NAME and DOMAIN you will get from the “show” command

I will keep adding commands in here as I find them
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