I do not claim to be a web(master|developer|designer|insert-title-here), but I do also think that I write decent HTML code.
I try as much as possible to stick to W3C HTML guidelines and make whatever I write compatible with any browser.
In here I will list some of the projects I worked on, and my comments and ideas.
I hope you can find this useful for your own projects, you can email me and I will send you the code I have written


Thou art here!!!
My own personal web space. I tried to be as straight forward as possible.
Standard HTML (W3 HTML 4.0), Cascading Style Sheets, and Apache's amazing SSI (Server Side Includes). I really do like the way it looks right now. I do not update it as much as I would like, not because of lack of time as most other people will say, but because of lack of interesting things I can put in it. Drop me a line and tell me what you think.

Developed in Embedded Perl.
The concept is simple, get a list of Charities from a database, pipe it to HTML, and create a "Business Card" single page of every charity using info retreived from the database. The idea was to provide charities that do not have their own web space with a one page presence on the web where people can look up their mission and objectives.

Another project that I was doing while doing the Generositas site. Sadly I never got to finish it because I changed jobs, and because the project itself was cancelled shortly afterwards, no idea why.
Again developed using pure HTML with Apache SSI, with some Perl scripts for the search function and the "contact us" page. The news panel on the right is another DB connectivity script that pulls news items from a local database, also in Perl.

One day, the local Linux users group in Montreal (MLUG) webmaster sent out a request for someone to take over the job, I did a quick design, they liked it and ported it to the current server and threw the job at me :)
Originally, I used HTML and SSI, but moved to Zope and DTML afterwards, these days I am burried up to my ears in Python howtos.
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