This is where I usually keep an online copy of my Resume for the obvious reasons.

I have tons of hands on experience in almost everything things Unix, Linux is my favourite, but I also do FreeBSD, Solaris, OpenBSD, SCO OpenServer, BSDi, and some AIX, and working on IRIX, and yes, I even do Windows (NT/2000, I won't touch Win9x/ME).

The Porfolio page lists some of the web project I worked on or am working on with a simple snapshot and a link to the actual site, the Consulting page gives an idea of what I can do and what I actually did in the past.

I have a very good job at the moment, full time, so, for anyone interested in hiring me, sorry, unless you are willing to make me a really interesting offer (people with First Level Tech Support positions please read this twice), please, please, please do not bother e-mailing me, if I have time maybe I will reply to you, I do the occasional consulting job on a part-time basis and I will reply to questions about that (I read every email in my inbox), but again, no entry-level stuff, it's just not worth my time.

I am sorry if this is offending to anyone, that was not my intention. If you find this offensive to you and have another format/idea of what I should put here, please send it my way.

Thanks, and good luck to you all.

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