If you read my resume or seen my web design portfolio, you will see that I am very experienced computer professional.
From time to time, I am approached by individuals and companies to do external consulting jobs for them, so I set up this little page to put some info about that.

What can I offer you.
Setting up servers, be it web, mail, dns... on a number of operating systems.
That does not mean that I will not support existing installation, I do support existing installation as well as upgrades and OS migration (mostly to Linux from that other "operating system".
While my favourite OS is Linux, I am also very experienced in Solaris, FreeBSD and OpenBSD, and yes, I do Windows too, but I prefer not to.
So to make a list out of it...
  • OS Setup and Support: Linux (RedHat/Debian/Mandrake...), Solaris, FreeBSD, OpenBSD.
  • Databases: PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle.
  • Firewalls: iptables, ipchains, Firewall-1, ipfw.
  • VPNs: PPTP/Linux, IPSec/Linux (FreeS/WAN), several obscure VPN appliances.
  • Mail Servers: Sendmail, Postfix, QMail, QPopper, Exim, Dovecot, SASL.
  • DNS: ISC Bind 4/8/9, djbdns/tinydns.
  • Web Servers: Apache, Apache+FrontPage, Apache+SSL, ZOPE, PostNuke/PHPNuke.
  • Web Design: Pure HTML, Perl/CGI, HTML+Apache/SSI, ZOPE, PostNuke/PHPNuke.
  • Networking: Cisco, Nortel, Nokia.

Freelance companies where you can hire me:
How can you contact me.
The best method is by email, once we establish contact and agree on fees and schedule, you will get my pager number for 24/7 support if needed.

Some projects that I did or am working on.
  • Setting up a very simple moderated guestbook using Perl and PostgreSQL.  [done]
  • Setting up a PostNuke website.  [done]
  • Setting up LAN-to-LAN VPN using Linux and FreeS/WAN.  [done]
  • Reconfiguring a large-ish sendmail installation (15 servers/500 users/6 domains) to use virtual domains.  [done]
  • Setting up a load-balanced fault-tolerant web server cluster using Linux-VS.  [done]

Any references?
If you really need references, I can supply them, or you can simply take a look at my resume.

I hope this will clear up some of the questions I get asked all the time.
Good luck to all.
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